The event continues to maintain high standards, extensive influence, based on a high degree of industry involvement, integration innovation, a customer and other elements conform to the industrial development trend of China will further accomplishing industry event has a certain appeal and brand awareness. Competition has attracted the whole industry chain, the broad participation of developers, thousands of pieces of collected works, selected 518 works, covering mobile phone design, handset solutions, smart phone APP hardware innovation and the development of four major categories of more than 500 works, where love Pui Yee photoelectric independent research and production of multi-dimensional optical image stabilization motor system in many competitors come to the fore, won the "annual Award intelligent hardware solutions."

Love Pui Yee photoelectric field based on the optical image stabilization, mainly engaged in the design, development and production of precision optical and micro-mechanical products. APP deep plowing in the field of optoelectronic 28 years, adhere to scientific and technological innovation in the mobile phone, high-speed sports photography, UAV photography, wearable device, the tachograph, auxiliary machine vision and mobile enforcement cameras and other optical anti-shake camera has a strong technical accumulation . Future smart mobile terminal market, with the gradual cost optimization, optical image stabilization will gradually become the standard in the mobile phone industry. By providing our services, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate visual experience.


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