The Core of Our Existence

APP is one of the leading VCM manufacturers to formalize its quality assurance measures by developing a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) System. The System aims to promote a quality culture in our factory by consolidation of existing good practice in quality assurance and improvement.

The quality control measures we undertake are intense, as well as extensive. We have set-up a specialized department led by an experienced team, with well-trained quality control inspectors and technicians who facilitate the process.

In order to maximize the quality standards, a statistical Quality Control (QC) data is maintained. This kind of transparency between our quality discipline and customer delight, permits each workman to recognize the inseparable role of quality in every batch of VCM that we make. All our VCM also go through absolute scrutiny, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.

Quality assurance is an evolving process. Continuous review and adaptation ensures that APP's QA System is able to serve its purpose and maintains the guiding principles for ensuring high quality VCM to our customers.



Hong Kong R&D Center

210A Photonics Center, 2 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, ShaTin, Hong Kong

Feng Gang Factory

4-5/F, A Building, Shen Lian Indusrial Zone, Feng Gang, Dong Guan City, PRC

Long Gang Factory

3-4/F, A3 Building, Jiu Jiu Tong Xin INdustrial Zone, Tong Le, ShenZhen Chity, PRC