APP OIS Technology Advantages  


OIS method:

APP's unique OIS lens tilting method is a patented technology that lends itself to realize both OIS and AF functionalities in a very elegant and simple package.  The lens shifting technique employs a much more complicated mechanism to realize both AF and OIS functionalities.

Control Method:

Our unique open loop approach frees the VCM from having additional feedback sensors.  This approach again lends itself to simpler mechanical construct.  APP's OIS VCM's X-Y dimensions measure 8.5 x 8.5mm which fits the industry de-facto standard for mainstream AF VCMs.  On the other hand, a closed loop approach means the VCM has to equip with additional positional feedback sensors (usually Hall sensors) inside the VCM.  This significantly complicates the mechanical design which eventually leads to higher unit cost.  One misnomer is that open loop yields inferior OIS performance compared to that of closed loop.  APP has proven that our open loop approach translates into simplicity and yields equal or better OIS performance compared to that of a closed-loop approach.

Control Rate:

Higher rate translates into more responsive compensation reacting to external vibration and hand-shake.

CCM efficiency and yield:

APP offers a complete set of powerful tools for the manufacturing and tuning of OIS CCM. The overall process is extremely streamlined (short cycle time i.e. HIGH efficiency). And the CCM yield is amongst the highest (HIGH yield) in the industry because our tool allows for compensation of each CCM.

AF Tilt Compensation:

Our unique lens-tilting design allows the AF dynamic tilt to be controlled. The result is much tighter tolerance is AF tilting.  Lab results reveal that better than 2x of improvement in AF dynamic tilt can be achieved by our technology compared to that in a typical AF motor.

VCM Pricing: 

APP's patented OIS VCM pricing is amongst the lowest in the industry.


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